Last night I was babysitting and I was struggling to find ways to entertain the kids for the six hours I had to watch them. It got me thinking, what if I made a master list/plan for all babysitting adventures. With this list you will be prepared for everything and ready for anything. Here’s a guide you’ll need for you next job:

In Your Bag:
Small Portable Game – you never know when you’ll need a distraction

  • a deck of cards (simple but effective and versatile)
  • Blink (super fun for all ages)
  • Spot It (easy to learn and fun for any number of kids)

Nonperishable Snacks – a treat, an incentive, anything you need it to be

First Aid – I suggest putting together a kit of fun band-aids, neosporin, and disinfecting wipes

Money – for ice cream trips etc.

Cellphone – duh, I know, but don’t forget to have the parent’s phone numbers

Entertainment for the Kids:
*try to make it enjoyable for you too 😉

Games – active, board, card, whatever suits the kids

Recipe – find something that is age/skill appropriate

Books – picture books or short chapter books

Movie – there is no shame, but make sure to keep it appropriate

Entertainment for You:
Activities – (homework, planning, something you’ve been meaning to get done)

  • games
  • apps
  • friends (no shame in texting when appropriate)



Snack – kids drain your energy, so you might need a little boost

Hope this helps! By the way, I realized I could put links on words so I went a little craycray. Good luck!


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